Basketball Courts

Basketball Courts Middleboro, MA

Sports courts are a great addition to any property, especially residential properties with a significant amount of space in their backyard. These courts encourage activity and provide game space at close proximity. You can step out and enjoy a basketball match with your children or family member without traveling to public courts.

At Hardscapes Unlimited, we provide expert game court installation services in areas like Middleboro, West Wareham, Wareham, Rochester, and Plymouth. We have also installed basketball courts for clients in Bourne, Mashpee, Assonett, Halifax, and Marion. If you’re looking for expert services in this field, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Different Types of Basketball Court Construction

Basketball courts come in different sizes and designs so you can choose something that fits your property well. We are the experienced basketball game court installers that can provide recommendations specific your personal requirements. Here’s a look at the different kinds of court options available to you:

  • Half Court - This is a great choice for residential properties, especially if you have a more compact outdoor space. They’re half the size of regular or professional-grade game courts, which means they won’t take up much space in the backyard. However, players can still play a full game on the surface without experiencing many problems. Half basketball courts are also more affordable compared to other options.

  • Full Court - This is a professional-grade court designed according to regulation, which allows you to play professional basketball with full teams. There are two baskets on each side of the court and two sections to indicate different team corners. This court is about 50 feet wide and 94 feet long so it can be a little too big for regular backyards. Full basketball game courts are more expensive to install so they are usually recommended for commercial properties or sports facilities.

Basketball Court Materials

Courts are made from different materials based on your requirements. Asphalt is a popular choice because it is flexible, provides better shock absorption, and is easy to maintain. But it requires good access to the installation site. Concrete is a durable material that is ideal for residential half-courts. It is easier to install and maintain.

Today, many clients also opt for acrylic surfacing for basketball courts, which offers superior traction even when the weather conditions aren’t ideal. Versacourt is another game court surface option. It utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide an easy-to-maintain, comfortable, and durable court surface. It is ideal for indoor, outdoor, personal, and professional courts.

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