Roller Hockey Courts

Roller Hockey Courts Middleboro, MA

Roller hockey is an exciting game that usually involves a group of people getting together and having fun. This game is gaining a lot of popularity and is similar to ice hockey but doesn’t require an ice rink. It’s also why Hardscapes Unlimited has worked roller hockey game court installation projects in Hanson, Kingston, Mansfield, Mattapoisett, and Norton.

We have installed different kinds of game courts in Taunton, Hanover, Norwell, Abington, and Brockton. All our courts are durable, carefully installed, and made from the finest quality materials available today.

What You Need to Know About Roller Hockey Courts

Traditional roller hockey rinks are made from polished, carefully maintained wood but modern rules are more flexible. While wood rinks have their benefits, they can also be very difficult to maintain. It’s important to ensure the rink is smooth and even before every game to avoid accidents. Here’s a look at the dimensions and layout of the rink:

  • Sizes - There are three standard sizes of roller rinks and they are 34x17 meters, 40x20 meters, and 44x22 meters. You can choose a size based on the space available to you. It is possible to play full games on the surface regardless of which size option you choose. The minimum and maximum values should have a 2:1 ratio, which makes this court a very customizable surface.

  • Space Around It - The court should have some space around it for players to rest and spectators to sit. If there’s no gap and no barrier between the court and the surrounding areas, you’ll experience a lot of accidents. The rink sound be surrounded on all sizes with a protective barrier.

  • Materials Used - The surface of a roller hockey rink must be smooth and without any dents. It should also non-slippery and well-polished. Concrete surfaces with a smooth acrylic layer are a good option as they won’t interfere with the movement of the skates or the ball. Versacourt is specifically designed for different kinds of sports and is a good option for roller hockey as well. This surface is much less likely to dent or develop cracks. That means it will last for a long time with very little maintenance.

Our roller hockey court installers are highly experienced and can handle all types of game court installation jobs expertly. If you want to know more about out roller hockey court contractor services, get in touch with us at Hardscapes Unlimited. You can call 508-947-1272 or contact us through our form.