Natural Stone

Natural Stone Natural Stone Landscaping is one way to make your home aesthetically pleasing. Growing green and lush lawn in your yard as well as planting colorful flowers makes your home a more personal place. But you can make your home much more relaxing for your family and fascinating for your visitors by adding other elements composed of natural stones. These can be used in the steps, patio, decks, fences, and walls. Such simple additions in your landscape can make this area as the favorite place of everyone.

For sure you will agree that the beauty of natural stone is classic and unfading. Just think of the form created by flagstone and travertine, they never fail to please the eyes. No wonder why natural stone is also the favorite material of the landscaping architects of Hardscapes Unlimited.

Types of Natural Stone Used for Landscaping

There are basically wide selections of natural stone that can be used for landscaping. All of them serve a common purpose - to enhance the beauty of a home or landscape. Some of the most popular natural stone used for landscaping are the following:

Natural Stone
  • Flagstone. This is a kind of natural stone that has flat and thin pieces of sedimentary stone. This is commonly used as a stylish alternative for wood and concrete in landscaping. Flagstone is also regarded as a versatile material as it offers several landscaping opportunities.
  • Travertine. This type of natural stone is known for having a high-coefficient of friction, which simply means this isn’t slippery. This is perfect for patio and pool areas as this provides safe waking as well as stay cool on the feet.
  • Sandstone. When used for landscaping, sandstone that comes in brown, buff, pink, and black are the most popular. This kind of natural stone is usually applied when building walls.
  • Limestone. This type of natural stone is characterized by having very low water absorption. Similar to sandstone, this is usually used for walls. The most common selections of shades are black, white, grey, and buff.
  • Marble. This stone has high water absorption so this is more commonly used as slabs for paving and walls. The common shades are white, pink, yellow, black, and brown.
  • Granite. A durable type of natural stone. No wonder why this is commonly used for stepping stones and walls.

Professional Installation of Natural Stones

Natural Stone

Choosing the type of natural stone can be challenging for you. However, this will not happen if you hire professional landscapers like Hardscape Unlimited. We can create a great landscape through the use of the most appropriate natural stone in every corner of your yard. Moreover, we carry the finest types of natural stone and offer a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and styles. We also obtain the natural stone from reputable providers so you can be assured to have high grade natural stone in your landscaping.

More significantly, we are composed of a skilled team that carefully and securely install landscaping stones to ensure that the best look for your landscape will be achieved and its beauty will last for decades. So if you are located in any place in Massachusetts like Middleboro, Somerset, Hanson, Norton, Mashpee, and Norwell, you can trust that we can be your ally in giving your landscape an outstanding view through the natural stone we install.