Personal Putting Greens

PERSONAL PUTTING GREENS — Let us design and install your own little piece of the PGA tour.

Personal Putting Greens

How will one be comfortable having an at-home golf course with the intense disapproval of environment-concerned people? The mere thinking of creating personal putting greens could be a major problem for the environment and the community. Don’t suffer the guilt feeling. Using artificial turf is the best solution for creating your personal golf course.

Benefits of Personal Putting Greens

Natural is always better, they say…except for personal putting greens. In this case, artificial is far way more beneficial to the environment than the natural choice. Sure, lawn has been the choice on popular golf courses in the world. But maintaining a large area of lawn will require thousands of gallons of water, tons and tons of pesticides, and countless amount of fertilizer. No wonder why plans of transforming a barren land into the next golf lovers’ destination is always hindered by protests. But protests will never happen with personal putting greens.

Since they are manufactured, synthetic grass will need no watering, no pesticide, and no fertilizer. They will never grow so they will never need the regular mowing that the natural lawns require. Finally, you will have more time to enjoy the outdoors because you will spend lesser time maintaining the lawn.

These unbelievable benefits have always kept our past customers wondered if there’s a catch. A great alternative such as synthetic grass is actually perfect that even the look is unmatched. A casual observer will never know its difference over the natural grass. There is no sacrifice with personal putting greens. You’ll even be rewarded with more time and more financial savings. It is, therefore, a clear winning choice.

Where Else to use Putting Greens

Artificial putting greens are too good to be just used for your personal golf course. They are great on anywhere that needs a non-growing grass. Put artificial turf as pool surrounds to keep the mud away from the pool deck and the pool water. Seeing all stones around the pool area will be boring and unstylish. Adding a little green is more interesting. And now, there’s no mud to worry about.

Play areas and dog runs are also great with synthetic grass. No more worries about kid’s allergies or your pet’s sensitivities. No need to worry also about the potential damages that their playtime will do because the artificial alternative will never die like the natural grass. Patios and decks can also be covered with artificial turf for a better ambiance.

But if you still prefer the personal putting greens, then so be it. Hardscapes Unlimited will help you design the most challenging course that will fit in your yard.

Professional Artificial Turf Installation

Personal putting greens are not simply laid down like a picnic blanket. Professional installation is necessary for a long-lasting course. Our company has been in the hardscape business for more than 15 years. We have creative and competitive professionals who have already designed and built some of the best personal golf course in Massachusetts.

We know how it feels to have a little golf course right outside your home. Let us design and install personal putting greens so you can start enjoying golf whenever you want it. See our artificial turf in our in-store display or call us for more information.